Our Services

Consultation and Legal Studies Services

  • Preparing and presenting an integrated legal study on the legal status of the client, its merits, and finding appropriate legal solutions.
  • Preparing and providing legal opinions and advice to the client in all matters.
  • Preparing and submitting legal opinions and advice related to bankruptcy procedures.
  • Attending meetings and negotiating (all that requires legal support), and the legal representation of the client.
  • Preparing and reviewing letters and reports issued by the client, and giving them a legal character.

Litigation and Settlement Services (Arbitration - Mediation - Reconciliation – Negotiation)

  •  Attending hearings, and representing the client in all cases before all government agencies, private parties, judicial and quasi-judicial bodies of all kinds and degrees.
  • Preparing and reviewing regulations and legal notes of all kinds.
  • Submitting execution requests and execution documents of all kinds and following them up, taking into account the client’s interests in all execution requests submitted by them /or against them, taking all legal procedures until the execution of the judgment or/and collection of the amounts.
  • Preparing arbitration documents, and representing the client before all arbitration centers and entities.
  • Attending meetings and negotiating all that requires legal support, and the legal
    representation of the client.

Contracts and Agreements Services

  • Drafting and reviewing all contracts, including (labor, commercial, franchise, real estate, sale and purchase, investment contracts, ….) and all agreements, including (confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, cooperation and alliance agreements,. ..), and memoranda of understanding and other contracts and agreements commensurate with the interest of the client.
  • Drafting and reviewing all types of clearances, legal settlement procedures, reconciliation
    agreements, and other legal documents.

Companies And Establishments Services

  • Preparing and reviewing the incorporation contracts of Saudi companies, and completing the
    incorporation procedures.
  • Transferring legal entities and establishments – from and to – establishments or companies in all legal types.
  • Providing legal services related to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Providing legal services related to the termination of the entity`s activities/commercial registrations, and consensual liquidation before the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Investment, and all other relevant authorities.
  • Establishing foreign and mixed companies and their branches, and issuing licenses and commercial registrations to the foreign investor.
  • Drafting and reviewing the amendment appendices and partners’ decisions before the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Investment, and all other relevant authorities.
  • Drafting and reviewing the internal regulations and bylaws of companies and governance regulations, and ensuring their compliance with the regulations and requirements in force in the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Labor, the Capital Market Authority, the General Authority for Competition, and other entities related to the company’s activity.
  • Registering the commercial agencies, commercial names, trademarks, patents, and all other intellectual and industrial property rights with the related authorities and entities.

Foreign Investment Services

  • Providing legal advice to foreign investors according to the regulations in force with the related authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of the amount and type of capital, the tax imposed and its amount, and the rights of the foreign investor.
  • Establishing foreign and mixed companies and their branches, and issuing licenses and commercial registrations to the foreign investor.
  • Preparing and reviewing foreign investment contracts of all kinds.
  • Suggesting solutions and legal remedies for any legal issues it may occurred.

Governance And Family Businesses Services

  • Preparing and reviewing governance guides for shareholding companies, both listed and non-listed.
  • Preparing and reviewing the annual corporate governance reports.
  • Preparing and drafting the internal regulations and bylaws related to the associations, funds, and family businesses, and their establishment.
  • Providing legal support to companies to amend their corporate governance guide in line with the relevant regulations, the company’s system, and its articles of incorporation.
  • Preparing and drafting family charters (the family constitution) to ensure the strengthening of family ties between successive generations, and the preservation of the family’s wealth.
  • Organizing and attending general meetings in family businesses.

Labor Services

  • Drafting and reviewing various labor contracts, in order to suit the client’s activity.
  • Drafting and reviewing the establishments’ internal labor regulations.
  • Reviewing and approving the internal labor regulations from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
  • Drafting and reviewing internal policies and models related to work, workers, and human resources, in accordance with the regulations in force with the related authorities, and in a manner that ensures the integrity and orderliness of the legal procedures taken or intended to be taken.
  • Representing the client in all cases and labor cases, hearings, and disputes of all kinds before the
    relevant authorities and entities, and performing all the legal procedures before them.
  • Suggesting solutions and systematic precautions for the legal issues resulting from the restructuring of the client`s entity, and its consequences for its employees and their rights.
  • Representing the client and performing labor measures and procedures within the facility,
    including labor investigations, and other legal procedures.
  • Holding developmental and educational workshops for human resources employees on labor
    laws and regulations that are in force with the relevant authorities.

Bankruptcy Services

  • Preparing and filing bankruptcy lawsuits.
  • Managing bankruptcy procedures of all kinds: financial restricting procedures (for large and
    small debtors), protective settlement procedures (for large and small debtors), and liquidation
    (for large and small debtors).
  • Legal representation of the debtors, in meetings, voting phase on the plan, and all other legal
    bankruptcy procedures.
  • Legal representation of the creditor and collection of their rights from their debtors.
  • Follow up on bankruptcy procedures and related matters.
  • Submitting and filing the necessary lawsuits, preparing and submitting legal memoranda, and
    objections to court verdicts and decisions, trustees, and bankruptcy committee, and, to any
    other competent authority.
  • performing all the duties and actions of the trustee mentioned in the bankruptcy laws and regulations.

Endowments, Wills and Estates Services

  • Structuring and regulating endowments, and non-profit entities.
  • Incorporation of non-profit entities and companies.
  • Preparing and drafting endowments and wills instruments.
  • Preparing and drafting the bylaws related to associations, NGOs, and family funds and their entities.
  • Liquidating estates, and their distribution according to the legal share or the agreement of the heirs.
  • Managing estates of various real estate assets, cash, and investment.
  • Performing judicial custody of the assets of the inheritance.

Attesting and Documentation Services

  • Issuing Power of Attorney for entities and individuals, and annul them.
  • Documenting Articles of Associations, and amendment annexes.
  • Documenting the acknowledgment of the sums of money, its receipt, and its assignment.
  • Emptying real estate, mortgaging it, and releasing the mortgage on it.

Tax, Zakat and Customs Services

  • Preparing and providing tax and legal consultations and studies and determining their risks in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Representing the client before the Zakat, Income and Customs Authority and the General Secretariat of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Committees, and taking all legal procedures.
  • Preparing and submitting all types of memoranda, tax, and zakat objections.
  • Preparing and submitting detailed reports and proposed legal recommendations for tax and accounting problems, in accordance with the regulations of zakat, tax, customs, and other applicable regulations and standards.
  • Handling problems and disputes related to zakat and taxes, and providing recommendations and legal solutions to protect the client in accordance with zakat, tax, and customs regulations.

Legal Training Services

  • Providing and training distinguished legal competencies to work in the legal departments of the client or facility.
  • Holding developmental and educational workshops for human resources employees on work systems and circulars in force with the relevant authorities.
  • Cooperating with experts, public and private sectors, educational authorities, and charitable organizations in providing our legal services and legal training.
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